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Author(s): GOPA Infra and BORDA Zambia
Published in: 2023
Pages: 36
Publisher: GOPA Infra and BORDA Zambia


SFD (Initial) Report - Kabwe, Zambia

Kabwe is the administrative capital of Central Province of Zambia and is located on Latitude -14.4228219 and Longitude 28.4455068. According to the utility (NIS) records of 2021, the town has an estimated population of 257,043.

Approximately, 72% of the inhabitants rely on onsite sanitation facilities, 26% are served by offsite sanitation, and the remaining 2% practice open defecation. The population with onsite sanitation use different type of facilities which comprise septic tanks connected to soak pits and all types of pit latrines. The latrines present include those that have not yet filled up, and those which have never been emptied but are covered with soil and abandoned when full.

Overall, the SFD graphic shows that 37% of the excreta is safely managed while 63% is unsafely managed. Most of the excreta considered to be not safely managed, is in the area of the town where there are permeable containment facilities and there is a 'significant risk' of groundwater pollution.