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Author(s): GOPA Infra and BORDA Zambia
Published in: 2023
Pages: 36
Publisher: GOPA Infra and BORDA Zambia


SFD (Initial) Report - Mansa, Zambia

Mansa is the provincial administrative capital of Luapula province and the town consists of urban and peri-urban areas. According to the Central Statistics office (CSO) data on population and housing of 2010, Mansa district town had a population of 228,392 with an annual growth rate of 2.4% per annum. However, the population of Mansa urban stood at 145,336. For the purpose of this assignment, only Mansa Town was considered which is composed of the urban and peri-urban areas.

Mansa Town has a mix of both offsite and onsite sanitation systems with peri-urban areas being wholly serviced by onsite systems. Offsite sanitation systems in Mansa consists of a centralised conveyance sewer network that covers approximately 2% of the population and delivers wastewater to two non-conventional Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) which are in the form of wastewater stabilisation ponds.
Onsite sanitation systems, on which about 96% of the population relies, include septic tanks connected to soak pits and lined and unlined pit latrines. About 26% of the total population use septic tanks for their sanitation needs, while 70% rely on lined and unlined pit latrines.

Overall, the SFD graphic shows that 71% of the population has their excreta unsafely managed while 29% has their excreta safely managed.