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Author(s): CWIS-FSM Support Cell, DPHE
Published in: 2023
Pages: 33
Publisher: CWIS-FSM Support Cell, DPHE


SFD (level 2) Report - Faridpur Municipality, Bangladesh

Faridpur Municipality is a fast-growing city, which is 116 km away from the Dhaka city. It is beside the Padma River and it is well connected with road, water, and railways. It is one of the oldest towns and was declared ‘A’ class Municipality in 1986. Faridpur is one of the 53 district level municipalities in the country. The present (2020) population is estimated to be around 163,700.

Almost all the households (98%) in the city have their own toilets and only a few use community toilets (1.75%) and neighbour’s toilet (0.2%). For flushing the toilet pan, mostly a pour flush system is used (86%) while some households (14%) use a cistern flush.
According to the survey, more than one-quarter of the households (30%) use septic tanks. About 68% of the households use pit latrines while 1% do not have any type of containment (DPHE, 2020).

The SFD graphic shows that 50% of the excreta generated are safely managed while 50% are unsafely managed. The safely managed excreta generated by 36% of the population is temporary. So, once the containments get filled and FS from the containments is emptied, the percentage of unsafely managed excreta could increase.