SFD Graphic Generator Video HD

Video Tutorial on how to use the brand new SFD Graphic Generator.

SuSanA monthly Webinar 8

In this webinar, the SFD Promotion Initiative will be happy to present you the online tools, including the recently launched SFD Graphic Generator and the modalities of support available. In the first part of this webinar, Barbara Evans (University of Leeds) will demonstrate the Graphic Generator and its functionalities. Afterwards, Dr. Suresh

How to prepare an SFD

This is a step by step tutorial created by the Centre for Science and Environment on how to prepare a shit flow diagram or SFD

SFD: The Indonesian Case (full version)

An excreta flow diagram (also often described as a shit flow diagram or SFD) is a tool to readily understand and visually communicate how excreta flows through a city or town. Based on the contributing population it shows how excreta is or is not contained as it moves from defecation to treatment then disposal or end-use, and whether the flows are 

SFD: The Indonesian Case (short version)

This is the short version of an extended video which is around 7 min long. The longer video is available under https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuTJn.... The film shows how the SDF was introduced in Indonesia and why the Indonesian government sees it as a useful tool to improve urban sanitation.More information on the 'Shit Flow Diagram' or SFD can 

SFDs in Africa: Visualization to Action

More information on the Shit Flow Diagram or SFD can be found here: http://sfd.susana.org

SFD Use by the Government of Indonesia

This presentation deals with the open sanitation situation in Indonesia and how the government plans to improve it, with the SFD as a useful tool.More information on the 'Shit Flow Diagram' or SFD can be found here: http://sfd.susana.org

SFD Tools and Methods - Dec 4 2017

SFD Tools and Methods. Dec 4 2017, 2 PM Content: 1. Presentation: The SFD Manual: a guide to content and process, Rebecca Scott, WEDC (start 2:30 min.) 2. Presentation: The SFD Review Procedure, Oscar Veses Roda, University of Leeds (start 23:54 min.) 3. Presentation: The SFD Helpdesk, Susanne Bieker, GIZ (start 34:30 min.)This is a follow-up to