Jan 18, 2017

SuSanA Monthly Webinar 8


In this webinar, the SFD Promotion Initiative presented you the online tools, including the recently launched SFD Graphic Generator and the modalities of support available. In the first part of this webinar, Barbara Evans (University of Leeds) demonstrated the Graphic Generator and its functionalities. Afterwards, Dr. Suresh Rohilla shared with the participants some examples of how SFDs have been used in India. Furthermore, Dr. Susanne Bieker (GIZ) presented how the SFD Promotion Initiative can be of assistance during the preparation of SFDs and the channels available to reach out to us.

For more information, please click here to visit the discussion on the SuSanA Forum.

The full video recording of January 18th 2017 can be found here.


Dr. Arne Panesar, head of the Sustainable Sanitation Sector Programme at GIZ (chair)

Professor Barbara Evans, Professor of Public Health Engineering at Institute of Public Health and Environmental Engineering, University of Leeds

Dr. Suresh Rohilla, Programme Director at Centre for Science and Environment

Dr. Susanne Bieker, adviser at the Sustainable Sanitation Sector Programme, GIZ



Jan 18, 2017