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Should you require any assistance during the production of your SFD Report or Graphic, the SFD Helpdesk provides a platform where you can ask the pool of experts any questions you may have, get in touch with other SFD authors, and gather more information on the SFDs (tutorials, FAQs, reference material).

Here you can also initiate the review process of your SFD Report, if you are interested in feedback. A member of the pool of experts will provide you with comments on your assessment and guide you through the quality check to finalize your report. Once done, you shall have the option to publish your SFD on the SFD Webportal. Support this initiative and contribute to the global SFD database! Making your SFD Report available and visible for the community will contribute to the better understanding of sanitation in cities and towns worldwide!

The SFD Helpdesk is a protected area and can only be seen by you. Your SFDs will become accessible to the SFD team once you submit it for review or attach it to a question. To use the Helpdesk, you simply have to log in using your Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) credentials. If you are not yet a registered SuSanA member, you can register here:

Log in to SFD Helpdesk

And – most importantly – do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!