Tools and Report Templates

 SFD Manual

The SFD Manual – Volume 1 and 2 – describes the process developed by the SFD Promotion Initiative for the production of SFD Graphics and Reports. It includes guidance on data collection and analysis, instructions on how to use the SFD Graphic Generator and definitions for all the terms and variables used in SFD production.

Download the SFD Manual

SFD Graphic Generator

You can create an SFD Graphic by entering data into the Graphic Generator tool. Input the data relevant to your city (or urban area) and, with a couple of clicks, the tool draws an SFD Graphic that you can download for use in reports and publications.

Download the offline SFD Graphic Generator: For Windows ; For Mac

SFD Report Templates

For help with writing your SFD report you can use the SFD Report Templates, which you can download here:

SFD Report Template

SFD Lite Report Template

SFD Lite Template: Guidance Notes