Choma - Zambia

Reviewed SFD

LittleT889 (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Choma Town is the provincial administrative capital of the Southern Province of Zambia on Latitude -16.812822 and Longitude 26.987640. The town lies at an elevation of 1,314m above sea level in Choma District, which has a total land area of approximately 7,296 square kilometres and a population of about 247,860 according to the 2010 national census of housing and population (Central Statistical Office, 2013).

The population of Choma Town predominantly relies on On-site Sanitation (OSS). Approximately, 93.1% of the town’s population is on OSS systems and presently off site sanitation is limited to only 6.9% of the population. The proportions of OSS systems in the town are as follows: 37.8% septic tanks connected to soak pits, 47.7% Ventilated Improved Pit latrines (VIPs) and 7.0% unlined or traditional pit latrines. Less than 1 % of the population are estimated to be practising Open Defecation (OD).

Overall, the SFD graphic shows that 58% of the excreta generated is safely managed while 42% is unsafely managed.

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  • Last update: 10/05/2023