Mavoko - Kenya

Reviewed SFD

CC BY-SA 4.0

Mavoko Town is one of the eight sub-counties of Machakos County in Kenya, which is located around 30km southeast of Nairobi. The whole area of Mavoko covers 963 km2 including large rural parts. The total population is estimated to be 244,259 inhabitants and is predicted to double up to 593,182 residents by 2030.
Mavoko heavily relies on onsite sanitation services (80% of the residents). It is estimated that only 18% of the population is connected to a sewer line and that 2% practices open defecation. 79% of the excreta in Mavoko is unsafely managed, therefore only 21% is managed safely. This SFD report was prepared by GFA Consulting GmbH and commissioned by GIZ GmbH.

  • Prepared by: GFA
  • Date of production: 20/08/2018
  • Last update: 30/01/2019