Lahan (2018) - Nepal

Reviewed SFD

CC BY-SA 4.0

Lahan Municipality is a small commercial town in Siraha District, located in province number 2 in Nepal. In 2018, it had a population of about 93,000 people and is nearly 350 kilometres east of the capital city Kathmandu. in 2018, the majority of the population in Lahan (92%) used onsite sanitation systems. 3% of the residents used toilets discharging directly into open drains, while an estimated 5% practiced open defecation. Only 23% of the excreta in Lahan was safely manged, leaving 77% unsafely managed. This first SFD Light Report was prepared by WaterAid and commissioned by GIZ GmbH in 2018. 

  • Prepared by: WaterAid
  • Date of production: 20/08/2018
  • Last update: 14/06/2022