Chattogram - Bangladesh

Reviewed SFD

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Chattogram City Corporation is the Commercial Capital and second largest city in Bangladesh. The city corporation has a total population of 2,582,401 and the total number of households in the city is 556,451. 

There is no centralised sewer in Chattogram City Corporation: 75% of on-site containment systems in Chattogram are septic tanks. The SFD graphic shows that 100% of the excreta is unsafely managed. All 100% of the excreta not properly managed originates from: supernatant not contained and not delivered to treatment (6%) and FS not contained from tanks and pits located in areas of high risk of groundwater pollution (9i%), out of which 23% consists of FS emptied but not delivered to treatment and 71% of FS not contained and not emptied.

  • Prepared by: WaterAid
  • Date of production: 04/11/2018
  • Last update: 14/06/2022