Naivasha Sub-county - Kenya

Reviewed SFD

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Naivasha sub-county is one of 11 constituencies in Nakuru County, Kenya. This geographical boundary was chosen for the SFD because the local water service provider, Naivasha Water Sewerage and Sanitation Company (NAIVAWASS), is mandated to serve the sub-county. Naivasha sub-county has an estimated population of 314,052. At the time of the last census, there were an estimated 73,457 households.

The final SFD matrix shows that 78% of the faecal sludge is managed unsafely. The number of people served by sewerage was 15% of the population or 47,107 people. The sewer network has been known to leak; therefore, it is estimated that 75% of sewerage is actually transported to the wastewater treatment plant.

  • Prepared by: Sanivation
  • Date of production: 27/11/2017
  • Last update: 03/11/2020