Changunarayan Municipality - Nepal

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Changunarayan Municipality is one of the historical places located in Bhaktapur district in Province no. 3 of Nepal. The municipality carries historical and archaeological significance and was named from the ancient temple of Nepal i.e. Changunarayan temple, enlisted in World Heritage site (Figure 1). The municipality was formed in 2017 (2073) by merging former Village Development Committees (Changunarayan, Chhaling, Duwakot and Jaukhel) consisting of nine wards covering an area of 62.18 km2. The municipality is bounded by Kathmandu district in the north and west, Kavrepalanchok district in the east and Bhaktapur district in the west (Total sanitation strategic plan, 2018).


Sewerage facilities are under construction in Changunarayan Municipality, so all households are dependent on onsite sanitation systems.

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