Kageshwori Manohara - Nepal

Reviewed SFD

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Kageshwori Manohara Municipality is located in Kathmandu district in Province No.3 of Nepal. The total population of the municipality is 102,235 residing in 26,166 households. People rely on either municipal water supply or from other sources. The main sources of drinking water are public tap, well and household bore water.
27% of the population are dependent on centralized combined sewer, 33% of population use fully lined tanks, out of which, 1% are connected to a centralized combined sewer, 2% are connected to 'don't know where' and 30% have no outlet or overflow. Mechanical emptying (87%) was found dominant in Kageshwori Manohara Municipality. Mechanical emptying is done by the private mechanical service provider since there is no municipal service. There is no treatment facility for treating wastewater, supernatant or faecal sludge in the municipality. The wastewater, supernatant and faecal sludge are discharged in the Hanumante and Manohara Rivers untreated and other rivers of Kathmandu Valley.

  • Prepared by: ENPHO
  • Date of production: 24/01/2020
  • Last update: 14/06/2022