Odagaon - India

Reviewed SFD


Odagaon is a town and Notified area council (geographical coordinates as 20°00'57.65"N 84°59'15.70"E) in the Nayagarh district of Odisha, India. It is around 100km away from the capital city of Bhubaneswar. As per Census of India, 2011, Odagaon Urban has the population of 5,401 with 1,240 households. As nearby rural areas have been included in new jurisdiction boundary, the population as of 2011 as by the Odagaon Notified Area Council (NAC) is 11,941 with 2,758 households. Current data from NAC shows that the population has been increased to 15,800 with 3,420 households. The current population has been used for the preparation of this SFD lite report. The Urban Local Body (ULB) has a total of 15 wards which is being administered by NAC for the provision of civic facilities. The total area under the jurisdiction is 15.14 sq. km. The NAC has been declared by ODF+ in 2020.
The climate is generally dry tropical. The actual rainfall and the normal rainfall of the Nayagarh district recorded are found to be 1750.7mm and 1449.1 mm respectively . Odagaon south has a hilly terrain through which water is supplied to half of the households of NAC. The average elevation is 32 m. The water is supplied by NAC through community water taps to some of the households. Rest of the households are dependent upon handpumps, wells and borewells.

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  • Date of production: 31/01/2023
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