Lakshmipur Municipality - Bangladesh

Reviewed SFD

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Lakshmipur was originally a sub-division of Lakshmipur district and the municipality was established in 1976. The town stands on the bank of the Rahmatkhali and is located 137 km south-east of Dhaka. The city is sub divided into 12 wards and 22 mahallas. Lakshmipur is one of the 53 district-level municipalities in the country.

According to the population census in 2011 by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the Lakshmipur city population was 115,793. The urban population growth in Lakshmipur is considered 2.65% per year. Considering the floating population, such as farmers and traders, comes to the city every day, the present (2020) population is estimated to be around 146,525. The density of population is 3,874 per km².

The outcome of the SFD graphic shows that only thirty percent (30%) of the excreta flow is classified as safely managed, and the remaining seventy (70%) percent is classified as unsafely managed. The unsafely managed excreta originate from wastewater not delivered to treatment (3%), Faecal Sludge (FS) emptied but not delivered to treatment (44%), FS not contained - not emptied (22%) and 2% of supernatant not delivered to treatment. The safely managed excreta originate from Faecal Sludge (FS) contained - not emptied (16%) and FS treated in treatment plant (14%).

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