Banepa Municipality - Nepal

Reviewed SFD

Rajesh Dhungana (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Banepa Municipality is located in Kavrepalanchok District, Bagmati Province of Nepal. It has 14 wards and covers the area of 54.59 sq km. It is surrounded by Panauti Municipality in the south, Mandandeupur Municipality in the north, Dhulikhel Municipality and Panchkhal Municipality in the east, and Bhaktapur District in the west. The municipality has urban and rural settlements. Particularly, ward numbers 7, 8 and 9 are core urban clusters and the remaining wards are rural.
The national population and housing census report 2021 shows that the municipality has a total population of 67,690, with 33,172 males and 34,518 females residing in 16,698 households. The municipality has a population density of 1,231 person per square kilometre (GON, 2021).

99.2% of the households in the municipality owns a toilet. The households without a toilet defecate in nearby farms and forests. The municipality has four public toilets in a bus park and market areas in ward number 8. Three public toilets in bus park area were constructed by Banepa Municipality and a public toilet in Chardobato market area was constructed by the private sector. Among the households with their own toilet, 39.8% and 60.2% of households have offsite and onsite sanitation system, respectively.

Overall, the SFD graphic shows that 19% of the excreta generated are safely managed while 81% of the excreta generated are unsafely managed. Importantly, most of the safely managed sanitation (17% FS contained – not emptied) is faecal sludge (FS) stored in containments with only a low risk of causing groundwater pollution. This outcome should be considered only a temporary situation until the FS from the containments are emptied.

  • Prepared by: ENPHO
  • Date of production: 26/05/2023
  • Last update: 26/05/2023