Jayaprithvi Municipality - Nepal

Reviewed SFD

Awasman (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Jayaprithvi Municipality is situated in the hilly region of the southeast of Bajhang District, which is situated in the northern region of Nepal's far western. The former Rithapata, Chainpur, Hemantabada, Luyanta, and Subeda Village Development Committees were merged to form this municipality on 10th March 2017. The municipality is divided into eleven political wards. The municipality has a total of 28,865 population with 14,549 males and 14,316 females (Jaya Prithvi Municipality, 2020).

Basic sanitation coverage in the municipality is 97.92%. The families without toilet defecate in open places or use neighbour’s toilet. A sort of onsite sanitation system is connected to the toilet in 99.69% of houses with the user interface. The remaining 0.31% of households have an offsite sanitation system that directly connects their toilet to either water sources or open drainage. The mostly used onsite sanitation system by the households in the municipality is an unlined pit (97.55%) followed by a lined tank with semi-permeable walls and open bottom (1.50%), A lined tank with impermeable walls and open bottom is used by 0.61% and households using a fully lined tank is 0.30%.

The SFD graphic shows that 43% of the excreta generated are safely managed while 57% of the excreta generated are unsafely managed. Importantly, the safely managed percentage of FS generated by 43% of the population is temporary until the tanks and pits become full and FS from the containment is emptied.

  • Prepared by: ENPHO
  • Date of production: 26/05/2023
  • Last update: 26/05/2023