Bahir Dar - Ethiopia

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Bahir Dar is a city located northwest Ethiopia with a population of 318,429 people, of which 85% live in the urban and 15% in the peri-urban and rural areas of the city. The city  has no solid or liquid waste treatment plant to treat any waste, all waste streams end up in an open field with no treatment at all. The municipality and the private sector provide emptying services to customers but there is a lack of monitoring of service standards. All solid wastes, including faecal sludge, are unsafely disposed of in an open field in the outskirts of the city with no treatment at all.

In June 2017, the University of Leeds hosted two Capacity Development Trainings in Ethiopia. With WaterAid and Yorkshire Water, they supported the development of FSM plans for 20 cities, and held an advocacy meeting.

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