SFD Graphic Generator

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About the SFD Graphic Generator

Use this tool to produce an SFD Graphic in just three steps.

Input the data relevant to your city (or urban area) and, with a couple of clicks, the tool draws an SFD Graphic that you can download for use in reports and publications.

The SFD Promotion Initiative developed the tool and if you have any questions please contact the SFD Helpdesk who will be happy to help.

Step One:Enter general information about the city or urban area

Now select the sanitation systems in use in your city or urban area

Use the cursor to hover-over the selection grid and then click on the selected systems.  

Step Two:Create your SFD matrix

Enter the proportion of the contents of each type of onsite container which is faecal sludge.

Septic tanks
Fully lined tanks (sealed)
Lined tanks with impermeable walls and open bottom; and all types of pit

Now create your SFD matrix by clicking on the "Create SFD matrix" button.