1 new SFD Report is now available

1 new SFD Report is available now! Check out the SFD Lite Report from Eket, Nigeria.

5 new SFD Reports are now available

5 new SFD Reports are available now! We have uploaded one SFD Report from Bangladesh; Bhola, and four from India; Prayagraj, Unnao, Bithoor and Bijnor. Bijnor city now has the second and most updated report for it. 

4 New SFD Lite Reports are now available

There are 4 new SFD Lite Reports! We have uploaded them in our database: one SFD Lite Report from Barwar, one from Chunar, one from Cuttack and one from Haldia. In fact, for the cities Chunar and Cuttack, it is already the second uploaded SFD.

New Report available

The brand-new report "Managing Septage in Ganga Cities - An analysis of excreta management in 21 priority towns through SFDs" has been published by the CSE and is available now here in our SuSanA Library.